Tips To Make Cheerful Living Room With Wall Art

Posters Living Room

To make cheerful living room can be done with several ways, for example: painting living room wall with soft light color, decorating window with floral theme, install modern handmade wooden toy, install big aquarium and so on. There are many ideas that we can explore to make impress our quests. But now, we will try to explore wall art for living room. It’s great idea to create exciting living room. It will transform living room like art gallery studio. It can be done by installing painting, sticker, poster and mural.

Wall Art For Living Room

First wall art for living room idea is installing painting. Three decoration types based on this painting are installing genuine oil painting, repro painting and canvas printing. Genuine oil painting is painting on canvas from original painter. It’s more expensive than repro painting and canvas printing, but it’s more valuable. To get cheap genuine oil painting, don’t buy painting from famous painter. There are many beautiful painting with affordable price from talented beginner painter. It’s good to be installed on this living room wall.

Wall Stickers Living Room

Repro painting actually is genuine oil painting, but this painting is only imitated from other painting. Almost paintings from famous painters can be bought on repro version. It’s very cheap. To decorate living room to create cheerful atmosphere, it can be considered to install repro painting from Picasso. Almost paintings from this great painter use bright colors. It’s good to bring happiness on living room. This wall art for living room is cheap, but it’s great. Canvas printing is cheapest choice. It’s like repro painting, but this painting is not done by artist, but it’s printed by machine.

Posters Living Room

Sticker is good, but it’s looked like cheap thing and maybe will decrease this living room prestige. Poster is good choice. There are a lot of beautiful posters that we can choose on the store or by surfing on internet. It can be bought on cheap price, but it’s more stylish than sticker. Mural is art work than can also be considered. But mural has weakness. If for some reasons we will change wall painting color, this mural will be disappear.


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