Tips To Make Cheerful Tiny House Exterior

Very Small Houses

Commonly, Jay Shafer house or tiny house has wood brown color. This color is kept like that, because this house is designed to reflect natural living, close to nature. It’s good and looked natural. But if we have favorite color, why don’t we try to make over it with other color. It will be great, small but exciting. To do it, imagine that this is not tiny house, but this is standard house. Freely to explore many ideas. Usually a small house is painted with light color, but here is free to choose colors. Restricting it with light color will restrict our imagination. Of course, this is tiny house and every small room need to be looked larger. This spacious impression will be kept on interior paint color choosing, while on exterior is more free to choose color.

Jay Shafer House

First step to make over this Jay Shafer house is painting its exterior. We can make three house element  groups here. First group is roof, second group is wall and third group is door, window frame and roof frame. Commonly roof is painted with dark color such as maroon as commonly roof color on standard house. But if we want to paint with other color, dark green can be chosen. It will make fresh this tiny house.

Tiny Houses Plans

Second group is wall. Wall can be painted with dark color or light color. Maroon can be chosen as dark color and yellow for light color. These color choice should be match with roof color. Roof with maroon can be match with maroon or yellow on wall. But, green roof will not be match with maroon wall. It can be match with yellow wall. Now, this Jay Shafer house is looked different than before.

Very Small Houses

Third group is door, window frame and roof frame. This third group can be painted with dark or white color. Good combination is if wall is painted with dark color, so this third group is painted with white color. If wall is painted with light color, so this third group is painted with dark color. These all are only simple guide, we can later explore other interesting ideas.

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  1. Egan Dublin

    I just change my house roof to a maroon color,what’s the best color to use for the outside wall to match the roof.
    Kind Regard,

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