Tips To Make Coffee Table Trunks

Chest Trunk Coffee Table

Drinking coffee is popular activity. Most people love it. They can drink it at home, office, café, and anywhere. Drinking coffee now is not about feel the coffee taste anymore, but about how to drink it in pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes, how to drink is more important than its coffee taste. So, people like to create special room to drink coffee. They install unique and beautiful coffee table. Coffee table can be made from wood, glass, stainless steel, and so on. Several designers create unique coffee table. If we want to have a unique coffee table, try to make coffee table trunks. It can be done by our self. Here few tips to make it.

Coffee Table Trunks

First step to make coffee table trunks is preparing storage trunk. This storage trunk can use suitcase. Suitcase with ornaments is better than without ornaments. It can give accentuation and character for this coffee table. For example, if we have used Louis Vuitton suitcase, it’s very good to be used as coffee table trunk. This surface suitcase is decorated with company logo. This logo can be good ornaments on this coffee table. And install coffee table trunk with its logo can show our status social class.

Coffee Table Trunks With Storage

Second step to make coffee table trunks is preparing place for drinking coffee room. Good ideas to place this coffee table trunk are on family room, basement and open space on loft. Open space with beautiful outdoor view will increase pleasure of drinking coffee.

Chest Trunk Coffee Table

Third step is cleaning this coffee table trunk. All surfaces can be cleaned with water or cleaner. Clean from dirt and dust. Sometimes, used suitcase is full of dirt. If water cannot clean it, certain cleaner can do it. Make sure this cleaner will not destroy its surface beautify. For example, if we have used Louis Vuitton suitcase, we should keep all logo picture on its surface. Bad cleaner can erase this logo.

Fourth step is determining what top side surface material we will use.  We can use smooth wood or glass as top side surface. Smooth wood with similar theme and appearance with this coffee table trunk is good. But, if we will show classic and modern together, glass is better choice. The right adhesive can be used to paste this material into top side trunk.

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