Tips To Make Over Kitchen With Old World Style

Old World Style Kitchens Photos

No all of people like modern style to make over their kitchen. Some people like old world style kitchens. This old style will be looked unique and special when most people decorate their kitchen with modern style. If we like old style to make over kitchen, there are few tips we can use as guidance. Here they are: architecture, paint color choosing, rustic furniture, lighting and antique appliances. Applying these factors we can create beautiful old style kitchen. Starting from architecture. However, this kitchen appearance must be harmonized with home architecture style. A home with classic architecture is fit with old style kitchen, but home with ultra modern architecture is not fit with old style kitchen.

Old World Style Kitchens

Second tip to create old world style kitchens is paint color choosing. To create old style touch, some colors like brown, red, orange, grey and white are right colors to this old style kitchen.  Usually colors to create old style kitchen tend to dark color, such as brown, red and orange. But if we like light color, light grey and white can be chosen.

Old World Style Kitchen Design

Third tip is rustic furniture. Placing rustic furniture into kitchen is fast way to create old world style kitchens. It can bring rustic atmosphere such as home on rustic region. This rustic furniture can be applied on kitchen cabinet, rack, table and chair. This rustic furniture can be completed with the right lighting and antique appliances. The right lighting choices for this old style kitchen are antique hanging lamp, antique table lamp and candle with old style holder. This candle can be placed on the corner. Antique hanging lamp can be installed above dining room or in the center of kitchen.

Old World Style Kitchens Photos

Some antique appliances like fireplace mantel and old style wall clock are good to be chosen as kitchen decoration elements. Fireplace mantel from stone is good. Then it can be decorated with old family photo and antique art furnishing article from copper. Old style wall clock such as nautical wall clock is good to be installed here. Nautical theme such as anchor and ship steering are unique shape to be chosen.

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