Tips To Make Over Modern Wooden Centre Table

Modern Wooden Furniture

If we are bored with our modern wooden centre table and we need new appearance, try these several ideas to make over it. First idea is giving glass on top side. It can make this table brighter by reflecting light. Besides that, this glass can protect its wood surface from damage possibility, for example if this table is used as coffee table and we put hot coffee above it. This coffee glass can leave mark on its wood surface. And it cannot easily to be cleaned. By giving glass as table top, this problem is solved. Glass is easy to be cleaned from every dirt.

Modern Wooden Centre Table

Second idea is by repainting this modern wooden centre table. This is simple way. Just choose new color that we like, then paint it. Giving neutral color is good way to make it match later with all of furniture color on room. Or we can makeover it with chrome. It will make it stylish.

Modern Wooden Coffee Table

Third idea is by putting natural stone, such as granite and marble as top table. Black modern wooden centre table with white granite as table top is very stylish. Putting this table under ceiling lamp will make this table become sparkling. The advantage of this granite is hard, smooth, stylish, elegant, easy to be cleaned and looked luxurious. To make easier this task, modular granite can be chosen to be table top.

Modern Wooden Furniture

Fourth idea is by creating box under this table uses blurry white acrylic. Usually there rectangle hole under table top. This hole is storage place to store anything. Now this hole can be covered with this blurry white acrylic. Inside it, installing lamp with proper wattage. Now, when this lamp is turned on, this table will be bright. If we like funky style, we can use LED lamp with red, purple, pink color and so on.

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