Tips To Make Over Small Living Room

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Depended on its living room designs, it can be decorated and made over. Make over small and big living room is different. Big living room gives more flexibility. Small living room need less amount of furniture and appliances, but if we don’t be careful, this living room can be crowded. Here are five tips to make over small living room. These are focal point, white color, mirror, window dressing and versatile furniture. Maybe we have decorated this room. These tips can be considered if we want to make over it. Starting from focal point. The most problem on this room type is limited space, so create focal point will turn attention to its room become on certain stuff. This trick can reduce narrow impression.

Living Room Designs

Second tip is white color. It’s safe to choose white color on small living room designs. Wall, furniture and appliances color can be prioritized on white color and other color to give variation. White color can help to focus certain stuff on living room. For example if we have special table, we can focus it by use white color as color for wall and sofa, only table has different or contrast color. It doesn’t matter if contrast color will be used. But this proportion must be restricted.

Living Room Colors

Third tip is mirror. Big mirror with metal frame can help to create spacious impression by reflecting light. It need consideration to choose the right position to this mirror. Fourth tip is window dressing. For small living room designs, it’s better to decorate this window with simple decoration. Simple curtain with light color and floral theme is enough.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Last tip is versatile furniture. Of course for this small living room, versatile furniture is very useful, cause it can save a lot of space. For several functions, it can be incorporated on one furniture. Additionally tip is to keep this living room in clean and tidy condition. Clean and tidy make this room comfortable, even though this room is small. Small but beautiful.

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