Tips To Make Plan Minimalist House Design

Minimalist Room Design

Minimalist style rapidly growing since 1920 and now inspire people to plan and design with this style. Minimalist is marked with simple line, clean appearance and using modern interior. Minimalist house look simple. There are more free spaces on house with minimalist style. From some minimalist house design pictures, we see this house is tend to calm and soft by avoiding dark color. When we look inside, only functional furniture are used on this house. So, everything are seen efficient. Perfect for modern era where people want simplicity and prioritize functionality.

Minimalist House Design Pictures

First tip when we see some minimalist house designs pictures is keeping everything look minimum. Minimalist means minimum. Create more space for this house. Throw away unnecessary item. Only functional items are used. Free space make people feel comfortable. This principle can work well on both big and small house. Especially for small house, it will help to reduce crowded and clutter.

Minimalist Home Design

Second tip that we get from minimalist house design pictures is keeping everything run efficiently. When selecting furniture, we have to distinguish between need and like. Only furniture that we need are used here. It doesn’t mean we may not put everything that we like. Of course we may, but there is special way to do. Multifunction furniture get special position on minimalist concept, because it can run several duties and save area to create more free space.

Minimalist Room Design

Third tip is keeping simple with decorative element. Be creative with accent element. One big art painting is better than unorganized many photos on the wall. One medium size artwork above cabinet is better than several small size artwork. Minimum amount concept is applied on minimalist house.

Fourth tip is painting wall and selecting furniture with shades of neutral colors. Minimalist and modern house doesn’t mean always implementing white. Neutral colors are lower version of white. It can work well.

Fifth tip is keeping organized everything. Put every items organized on the right place. Grouping similar function appliance on the same place. For example, TV and cabinet for storing DVD collections are on family room. Book and magazine are on bookshelves.

Sixth tip is keeping clean room condition. Minimalist style is marked by cleanliness look. It look tidy every time.

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