Tips To Make Pretty And Bright Modern Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms Ideas

Garden room is ideal place for gardener on garden. This place must be comfortable and function to rest and work here. Modern garden rooms are designed using modern home concept, but with some simplicities. It has modern look. Fit for modern era like now. To make it looked pretty and bright, here are several tips. First tip is painting in bright look. The right colors for this purpose are white and neutral color. Lighter and brighter are better. To maximize this bright room, this garden room is designed with many windows all around wall and glass roof. It will make this room is lighted by natural light at the day. While on the night, it can be lighted with lamp.

Modern Garden Rooms

Second tip is installing light and bright color ceramic on the floor. Other alternative is installing hardwood floor. Ceramic is harder and more durable than hardwood floor, but hardwood floor is looked stylish, elegance and make shady this room. Besides that, it makes close to nature. If we want to add rug or carpet on this modern garden rooms, prioritize rug or carpet with light and bright color.

Contemporary Garden Rooms

Third tip is furniture and window decorating choosing. Furniture and window decorating elements can be chosen on the same style. For example, if we like bright color furniture with floral ornament, then curtain can be chosen with this same style. It will make these modern garden rooms are looked organized. White curtain and green floral pattern are good example for this window decorating.

Garden Rooms Ideas

Furniture for this garden room can use furniture for outdoor like wicker. Wicker is good for this room. Besides it ca be bought in affordable price, it’s also durable and designed for outdoor condition, so we can make sure that this furniture will be withstand for long time. And to make fresh this room, several green plants are put here.

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