Tips To Make Romantic Bedroom For Men

Romantic Valentines Ideas Him

Are you a woman and want to create romantic bedroom decorating for your boyfriend or husband? You can create romantic bedroom ideas for him easily in simple way. Everything that can stimulate romantic situation can be used to make intimate relationship. Color, candle, photo, perfume, flower, movie and music can be used to create romantic and exotic feeling from him for you.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Him

First tip is color choice. Color is first essential factor to create romantic bedroom ideas for him. The right colors choice for this purpose are neutral tone, warm tone and cool tone. Including on neutral tone colors are  dark grey, fresh color, deep beige and mauves led color. Including on warm tone are orange, red and yellow. While cool tone are  green, cool blue, and deep purple. These colors can be used to paint wall, curtain, bedding, blanket, pillow and rug color.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Second tip is using candle. Candle is popular stuff to create romantic atmosphere. It can be used on bedroom, bathroom and dining room. Several pink, white and yellow candle near bed will improve romantic feeling.

Romantic Valentines Ideas Him

Third tip to create romantic bedroom ideas for him is installing romantic photo on the wall. Special photos about you and him on romantic situation and event are perfect way to make him always remember you.

Fourth tip is using romantic perfume room. There are many perfumes with romantic character on perfume store. Just choose which is fit with your couple. Reaction of perfume will be fast than other romantic ideas.

Fifth tip is putting flower. It doesn’t matter if installing flower arrangement on men bedroom. Some men like flower. But don’t put too much flowers on men bedroom. One or two flowers on glass vase are enough.

Sixth tip is watching romantic movie. Movie like Pretty Woman from Richard Gere and Julia Robert or classic movie like Gone With The Wind are good samples for this romantic bedroom.

Seventh tip is listening music. Listening romantic music is one of pleasant way to enjoy romantic atmosphere on bedroom with couple.


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