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Tips To Make Traditional Living Room Style

Traditional Living Room Furniture

If we want to get inviting room, timeless beauty and classic look, so decorate living room with traditional style is perfect choice for you. Traditional style tend to formal, but this room is felt warm, because warm colors are used to paint wall. In modern living room, we will see simple line style furniture, so in traditional room, furniture look beautiful with carving. Many styles of ornament carving make furniture look like decorative furniture. Now we will explore some traditional living room ideas before applying this style to decorate living room.

Traditional Living Room Ideas

First thing of traditional living room ideas is choosing color scheme. There are several color scheme ideas that we can consider. Here they are; black-white-red, blue-white-green, beige-brown-white and blue-yellow-white. First color scheme is combination between contrast color black and white and then added green. It is combination of quality between contemporary look and room for relaxing. Second color scheme is good if we need relaxing living room. Third color scheme is seen conventional, perfect for established living people. Fourth color scheme is combination between relaxing and happiness purpose.

Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas

Second thing of traditional living room ideas is installing traditional furniture on living room. What kind of traditional furniture? These furniture are usually designed with ornament. Several parts are carved. Look at legs and armchairs. These are different with modern furniture.

Traditional Living Room Furniture

Third thing is organizing seating formation on formal way. One of traditional interior characters are on formality. Here seems more serious than modern style. Traditional seating way tend to stimulate people to enhance conversation each other and improve sociability factor. On traditional lifestyle, relationship between people run more close than modern people.

Fourth thing is putting antique items as decoration elements. These items can be bought on antique store. For examples traditional items: clock, hurricane lantern, bowl, chandelier, tabletop box and so on. These items can be put on wall, cabinet, rack, shelving and so on.

Fifth thing is decorating window with traditional look. Install heavy ornament and colorful curtain on window. Common theme for curtain is floral theme. Traditional decoration tend to rich of color and ornament.

Sixth thing is putting flower on pot on window. Some traditional homes at rustic region like putting these plants or flowers on pot. It looks like creating small garden on window.

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