Tips To Make Wonderful Modern Indoor Waterfall

Modern Waterfall Design

If we want to feel close to nature while we can enjoy, release stress and get relax, water fall modern house is good choice. It will not spend too much area to build it. It can be built anywhere as long as it can be installed water channel and water circulation tool. Modern water fall now become trend. Hotel, restaurant, apartment, café and so on complete their room with this water fall. There are many simple water fall design that we can adapt into our house. Here are several amazing ideas to beautify indoor water fall.

Water Fall Modern House

First idea is making artificial smoke on the bottom of this water fall modern house. For this water fall type, it needs more area. It can be built on open space area. This artificial smoke can be produced through smoke machine. It can be bought on the store. This water fall will be like real water fall on nature. It’s more incredible if combined with the right lighting. This smoke like froth from falling water

Modern Indoor Waterfall

Second idea to beautify this water fall modern house is making proper size basin on place where this water will fall. This basin is made from concrete and then is painted with white color to make contrast its water. Wall inside basin is painted with blue color to make this water is looked blue. Above it can be  installed lamp. On this basin is entered many yellow small fishes. So, when water is falling into this water, this blue water will spread anywhere, while these small yellow fishes swim. It will be wonderful sight under lamp light.

Modern Waterfall Design

Third idea is using sticker to beautify this indoor water fall. It will run if this water fall use glass sheet as medium for flowing water. Try to not make directly contact between this sticker and water. It can be made by preparing two layers glass sheet. One sheet is decorated with sticker. Then other sheet is incorporated with this sheet to protect it from directly contact with water. Choose the right picture for this sticker. Mozaic pattern is good alternative.

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