Tips To Make Your Own Window Treatments

Make Your Own Curtains

Is there good way to decorate room and save money together? To do it is by finding alternative cheaper material and then do it yourself. Do you know why buy product is more expensive than do it by our self? Because if we buy product, there is profit factor for seller, while if we do it by our self, no profit factor here must be added. If we want to decorate window, use this principle. Try to make your own window treatments. First step is finding good ideas, find several interesting bay window decorating. Make sure that these color and ornament will be fit with our room interior. We try first to find curtain design ideas.

Make Your Own Window Treatments

After getting the right color and design for this curtain, then go to store. Before going to the store, measure first window dimension, width and length. Find fabric to make your own window treatments with similar design with this sample. This fabric is not necessary to have exactly design with sample. A little bit different can be accepted.

Design Your Own Window Treatments

Then start to install this fabric as curtain. There are three ways to do it. First way is by installing on roller and then install this roller on wall above window frame. This curtain is easy to be opened and closed by pulling it downward. Curtain with roller is simplest curtain type. Second way is by using pinching. These pinching are installing on curtain rod then this curtain is pinched by this pinching. Third way is giving hole on the curtain. These holes then are given ring to make easier to open and close curtain. Before doing these three ways, this fabric must be spruced first. Curtain with roller doesn’t need crease. Crease is needed for curtain with pinching and hole.

Make Your Own Curtains

These three ways can be done easily. The advantage of using fabric, this material is cheap. It’s also has many design variations. Whenever we are bored with its appearance, we can replace with new design. Now, we can say that to  make your own window treatments are not difficult.

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