Tips To Makeover Kitchen With Free Cost

Free Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes people spend a lot of money to decorate or remodel their kitchen. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. But have you ever thought that your kitchen can be decorated with free cost? Maybe it makes no sense, but really it can be done with simple way. First free kitchen makeover idea is decorating with painting or picture printing. Maybe we have old painting on living room and we will change with new painting. This painting can be moved into kitchen. Install there. This method can be done for wall clock. Wall clock from living room or family room can be moved into kitchen. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Free kitchen Makeover

Second free kitchen makeover idea is putting green plant on the kitchen. This green plant can be taken from garden. This plant can be placed on container. Plant on pot then entered into rattan container  is beautiful. Besides this method is free cost, it can also bring freshness atmosphere into garden. Beside put green plant, put flower arrangement on glass is other free kitchen decorating idea.

Free Kitchen Design

Third free kitchen makeover idea is installing hanging lamp into kitchen ceiling. Maybe there’s old hanging lamp from living room or family room that will be change with new model, than this lamp is thrown away, if this lamp is still good, it can be installed on kitchen. Other lamp type like table lamp can be moved to kitchen.

Free Kitchen Remodel

Fourth idea is decorating kitchen window. This window can be decorated by installing curtain from living room, family room or bedroom. Maybe we have old curtain that we never use again, or we feel bored with existing curtain on above rooms. This curtain can be installed on the kitchen. Adapting first this curtain with kitchen window dimension. Cutting it if necessary.

Fifth idea is moving old furniture from other rooms into kitchen. Old cabinet and bookshelves can be put on kitchen to organize kitchen appliances. Other free kitchen makeover is if we have residual painting. We can use it for painting kitchen wall.

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