Tips To Measure Square Footage

Measuring Square Footage Of House

There are two ways to determine building costs. Most commonly costs are calculated from its wide, width x length square foot, but also there are several exceptions for home building with certain size. For example, several fence building cost is calculated from how long this fence will be built. But, it’s better to know basic principle how to know measuring square footage of home elements. All of home elements shape can be simplified into basic geometry concept, these are rectangle, circle, triangle, ellipse, trapezium and parallelogram. Three first geometry shapes are important shapes. It’s widely used on home elements. Of course, this simplified will not always easy as guide to calculate material dimension. For example, it’s not easy to calculate dimension of chairs. This furniture has geometry shape combination.

Measuring Square Footage

Let’s start from simple geometry basic shape. Measuring square footage of material with rectangle shape is width x length. Circle is (22/7) x radius x radius, where radius is a half of diameter and (22/7) is coefficient number. And triangle is (1/2) x basin length x height. These are basic geometry formula. It can be done to calculate everything as long as it comes with simple shape. For complicated shape, it will be more difficult.

Measuring Square Footage Of A Room

Then, what relationship between measuring square footage with building cost. Of course there is strong relationship between this. Larger square footage building means more material and time will be used for finishing task. Of course, it will affect on budget calculation. For example, painting wall with 200 square foot is more expensive than wall with 100 square foot, because on first wall is needed painting more than second wall and need time for finishing longer than second wall.

Measuring Square Footage Of House

On home building, most budgeting is calculated from its square footage dimension. But, there are several exceptions. Home design cost usually is determined per project, because there’s other essential factor here, that is aesthetic of home design that is impossible to be measured.

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