Tips To Organize Small House

Floor Plan Small House

Removing clutter from small house is important to make this small house looked tidy and comfortable. Designing house plans small houses need to give attention on house organizing. Here are few things to do it. First thing is creating creative storage place. Small house needs few storage places to store anything. Creating hidden storage place is good for small house. It can be placed under bed, inside wardrobe, or if it’s placed on a room, painting it with the same color with this room wall. It will keep this room is looked spacious.

House Plans Small Houses

Second thing is choosing multifunction furniture. It’s perfect furniture for house plans small houses. This furniture type can run more than one duty. It’s perfect for small house. It can save place. For example, sofa with book rack under it or coffee table with rack.

House Plans Modular Homes

Third thing is choosing simple furniture design. Furniture with many ornaments are not fit for small house. These house plans small houses need everything is simple. Modern simple furniture style is good choice. Besides this furniture type is looked concise, it’s also easier to be arranged and organized on room.

Floor Plan Small House

Fourth thing is only putting furniture that’s match with wall color. It’s recommended to choose light color for wall for furniture color. Including here is white, neutral color and light pastel color. Applying few colors together can be done as long as it will not create unplanned impression.

Fifth thing is selecting the right furniture size. This furniture size have to be proportional with room size. Too big size will make crowded and stuffy. It’s also advised to choose shorter furniture, because it can create additionally space between this furniture and ceiling.

Sixth thing is using all available space to organize stuffs. Books can be put on racks on the wall. But don’t put too much racks on the wall. It will make reduce room beauty.

Seventh thing is decorating window with simple decoration. Avoid installing curtain with heavy ornaments. Simple light color fabric with simple ornament is good to be chosen.

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