Tips To Organize Walk in Closet

Walk In Closet Furniture

To handle restricting space in a room, walk in closet organizer is needed to organize clothes, towel , bedding, pillow cover  and shoes. It has similar function with wardrobe, but this closet is more concise and can accommodate more clothes and shoes than wardrobe. Idea this closet come from clothes store to display their products. But now it can be adapted at home. Different with wardrobe, this closet is usually without door. All of clothes and shoes there can be seen from outside. It’s good for closed place and clean from dirt and dust. If we want to create a walk in closet organizer, here are four elements we should consider: hanger, rack divider, plastic storage and basket storage.

Walk In Closet Organizer

Usually a walk in closet organizer is made from wood with simple shape depended on how many and type of stuffs will be put there. We can buy or do it by our self. Determine first the right location for this closet. Measure the available space. Width and height. Then build and install it. Hanger in many various shapes are needed to hang clothes. Hanger can be made from wood, stainless steel and plastic. Plastic is cheapest but it’s less stylish than wood and stainless steel.

Walk In Closet Organizer Ideas

Other important walk in closet organizer element is rack divider. No all of clothes are hanged by hanger. Some of them are folded and then put on rack. Besides clothes, bedding, pillow cover and towel are usually also folded then be placed on rack. Combination from part for hanger and rack divider make this closet is better to avoid monotonous shape. We can compare it if this closet is only fulfilled with hanger. Maybe it will work, but it will be looked monotonous.

Walk In Closet Furniture

Plastic and basket storage in many style and design are other additionally elements. It has the same function. The difference between these materials are plastic is air proof. This plastic storage can be arranged in one or multi layer. Basket storage can be made from rattan or synthetic material. It’s looked more aesthetic than plastic. Both plastic and basket storage are placed on rack.

To avoid from termite attack, this closet can be given with camphor. This camphor is put on bottom of each rack. It’s better if near or above this closet is installed with lamp to make warm this closet to avoid humidity.

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