Tips To Paint Wall With Best Result

Interior Wall Paint Techniques

The simple way to decorate or make over a home, both interior and exterior room, is by painting its wall. The right paint color can beautify a home. Similar techniques can be used to paint interior and exterior, but to paint exterior room, it needs paint type that can withstand from temperature changing, mildew and humidity level. There are many interior paint techniques we can adapt to beautify this wall, but however there are seven things we should know first to get best result painting. Here they are: surface cleanliness, mix paint cans, tape. roller, paint brush, paint pad and patch. Starting from surface cleanliness. No matter where wall we will paint, or what type or paint we will use, without this wall surface cleanliness, the result will not maximize.

Interior Paint Techniques

Before starting paint this wall, make sure this wall is in clean condition. Clean all dirt, dust and mildew from its surface. Use water, sandpaper and chisel to clean it. Make sure all surfaces are in flat and smooth condition. Then this wall surface is ready to be painted. The next important interior paint techniques factor is mix paint cans. This step is done to make sure that all of wall surfaces will have the same unity color. For example, if we want to paint with blue color. It’s better if we mix first several blue paint cans into big can or other container. It can guarantee that all of wall surface will have unity appearance.

Interior Painting Tips Techniques

All of paint before using need to be mixed with water. If we mix water into several cans separately, it’s more difficult to get homogeneous and unity mixture. So, mix them into one big can is good idea. The next thing is tape. This is simple interior paint techniques idea to make tidy painting result, especially on the edge part.  We need tape to make sure that all of painting will get tidy result, so on the edge of wall can be given tape. Then if this paint has dried, this tape can be taken.

Interior Wall Paint Techniques

Roller, paint brush and paint pad has similar functions to paint, but roller is used to paint spacious part of wall. On the edge part that cannot be reached by roller, we can use paint brush or paint pad. For example, part surrounding lighting switch cannot be painted with roller, but it can be done with paint brush or paint pad. The last thing is patch. Patch technique is used to make flat and smooth wall surface after painting. Sometimes, after painting is finished, we can find un flat or blotchy result. It can be handled with patch.

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