Tips To Plan And Decorate Micro Home

Building Micro Home

Micro home is very small home. It can has dimension under 500 square feet. It becomes challenge to plan this home and then decorate and organize all of furniture and appliance there.  Two important key for these micro home plans are bright and loose. To create bright micro home plans are by creating big glass wall. This glass wall will pass natural light, so this room will be brighter. Besides that, it can be completed by painting this wall with white or neutral color. Thin curtain with simple ornament is fit to be installed on this glass wall.

Micro Home Plans

To make loose these micro home plans can be done by planning ceiling with proper height. Higher is better. Between room wall and ceiling can be built space for storing anything. It’s creative storage place. Actually we can create cabinet for storing anything, but however, putting cabinet on this home will spend area. Create storage place above room wall is creative idea to keep this room is looked loose.

Micro Building Designs

Natural light will only works on the day, so on the night, these micro home plans need lamp. Installing lamp with right wattage that can cover all of area. It’s better to install one big lampoon center area and several lamps on each corner. Several ceiling lamps are good to be installed there.

To give variation on this micro home, it doesn’t matter if these wall sides are painted with different neutral colors. It will be good. But keep this ceiling is painted with lighter color than wall to create illusion spacious impression.

Building Micro Home

To create natural atmosphere, on this floor can be install hardwood floor. It will make us feeling close to nature. Besides that, this hardwood floor make this micro home is looked modern. Above this hardwood floor can be put modern design rug to make it looked beautiful.

Furniture is arranged along the wall to give free space on center area. This micro home has to be kept always on tidy and clean condition every time.

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