Tips To Plan Bedroom Interior Design For Workaholic

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Workaholic is people who has passion on working. They spend a lot of time for working. Working is not to look for money anymore, but to make them feel exciting. Working for them is pleasant activity. When the are in their working, they give all of their mind, soul and time for this working more than other people. If we have characters like these, maybe we are a workaholic. Bedroom interior design for workaholic should be better to be adapted to support their working passion. Create home office on bedroom for workaholic is reasonable idea. Here few things we should know first.

Bedroom Interior Design

Table and chairs are essential furniture on this bedroom interior design. Measure first area on this bedroom that will be used as home office area. Use paper and draw this home office lay out. Plan to put table, chair, computer, printer, facsimile and cabinet to store anything. Create efficient arrangement where we don’t have to stand or walk from chair to take anything. Don’t buy ordinary chair for a workaholic. This guy can sit here on the whole day. It needs special chair. Buy computer chair which has good ergonomic to keep health back, neck and buttock.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

A workaholic can work for hours both day and night. Good lighting must be planned well on this bedroom interior design. Install ceiling lamp and table lamp with the right wattage. Don’t too bright. It will be felt sick on eyes. Besides this lighting, plan too good ventilation on this bedroom. Working for hours here can be felt stuffy. Good ventilation will supply fresh air. If possible, install refrigerator on this bedroom. Put cold drinking there. So, when they feel thirsty, they are not necessary to walk out from bedroom. It will be completed if there’s water heater here to make coffee. On cold night, drinking coffee is better than cold drinking.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Keep tidy this room by keeping its cleanliness. Cleaning it by broom every day. Give attention on installation cable. Installation cable will disturb this tidiness room. Organizing all of cables there. Providing waste basket here to collect all of dirt here.

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