Tips To Plan Coffee Shop Design For Coffee Lovers

Coffee Shop Decor

Coffee i s favorite drinking for many people. It can be good business. If we want to run business on coffee drinking and want to make coffee shop design, there are several things we should consider first. Before starting this business, make sure first that our coffee has delicious and special taste. This the first thing that all of coffee lover look for. It will be difficult to get many customers if we don’t have advantages on this coffee. This first commodity on this business. Good shop design then will complete this special coffee.

Coffee Shop Design

It’s good if this coffee shop design has enough dimension area, so that it gives flexibility to create good layout. Here later there will be counter table and coffee table for customers. Bigger area means more people can be accommodated here. This table counter has to be in proper distance from customer’s table, so every customer can reach this table counter easily.

Coffee Shop Design Ideas

Naturally coffee has brown color, so it’s better if this coffee shop design is designed with brown as main color. Brown with its gradations can be applied on wall, floor and furniture. For floor, it can be used hardwood floor or brown ceramic. Furniture can be painted in dark brown, while wall is painted with lighter brown. Ceiling is painted with neutral color or light brown.

Coffee Shop Decor

On this wall can be installed several posters. Menu list and its advantages can be displayed through these posters. It’s good idea if we can install famous people who are ever drink coffee here. It will stimulate other people to be customer here. To make this wall become more attractive, neo sign with walking light can be installed.

Give proper distance for each table and chairs. Customer need privacy. On this table can be put flyer or brochure about this shop, so customer can bring it and give it to their friends, family and other people, so it will be smart way to increase selling. Last, everybody on this coffee shop need to get comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Don’t install high wattage lamp.

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