Tips To Plan Comfortable Small Cottage

Diy Cabin Building

Cottage is a small country dwelling. Most cottage use wood as main material to build it. Now you will plan to build a small cottage? Cottage usually is built under 1000 square feet. Usually a cottage has  bedroom up to 3 bedrooms. It can be built with one floor or two floors. Most cottage has classic architecture style if these cottages are built on rustic or suburb region. Usually a cottage is built as second home. It’s home for gathering family or fulfilling holiday time. Even though it’s build as second home, it’s important to build with the right plan because everybody want to fulfill their time in this house with pleasant atmosphere.

Build A Small Cottage

Build a small cottage with good floor plan is first best recommended. After this good floor plan is designed then easily to find good exterior cottage style. There are several architecture styles that we can choose. As a guidance, one floor plan can have several cottage design and shape styles. So, make sure to focus on floor plan first at the first time design process.

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First guidance is making good floor plan before starting to build a small cottage. No matter how size this small cottage will be built and how many floor will be planned, all of these rooms have to planned to make easier all of activities there. Living room area should be separated with bathroom and bedroom area. If we want to put living room and bedroom in near position, make sure there is wall divider between these two rooms. Bedroom and bathroom are located on near position to make easy when people from bedroom want to go to bathroom.

Diy Cabin Building

Second guidance is avoiding crowded look on this small cottage. It can be done by disappearing wall border between kitchen and living room. If we want to create privacy, we can put non permanent cover. Partition can be put to cover dining room from living room. All of wall sides are better painted on same color to create bigger impression. Besides that, furniture size selection is important to make proportion between these rooms and furniture.

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