Tips To Plan Minimalist Bathrooms And Showers

Minimalist Shower Enclosures

The main advantage of minimalist bathrooms and showers is this bathroom is felt loose and spacious. Both big and small bathroom can be designed with this style. To make it looked spacious, it needs the right color choice and layout. For small bathroom, soft light color is recommended, while on big bathroom, darker color can be used. On small bathroom, it’s better if all of wall sides are painted with the same color, while on big bathroom, it doesn’t matter if want to paint one side with cold color to give variation.

Minimalist Bathrooms And Showers

While the right layout on these minimalist bathrooms and showers are giving maximum free space, so this bathroom space is felt very spacious. Simple line style design is one of character on this bathroom. On this minimalist bathroom, everything is designed and planned on minimalist way. It’s less color, less furniture, less appliance and less wall decorating .

Bathroom Design Minimalist

To make these minimalist bathrooms and showers are looked spacious, besides using light color for painting wall, ceiling and ceramic color choosing, this bathroom is also completed with big glass window. This window to pass natural light here. Besides that, above bathroom vanity usually is put big mirror. This mirror can make double illusion this room. Modern lamps are installed on ceiling or wall to make sure all of corner are lighted.

Minimalist Shower Enclosures

Commonly furniture on this bathroom is bathroom vanity.  Usually this bathroom vanity is designed on simple and modern style. While bathroom appliances here are only bathtub and shower. To keep it looked minimalist, this wall is decorated with simple wall art. One painting or one poster can be put on the wall. To give variation, it can be put green plant on container on this room to make it felt fresh. Most ceramic color is same color with wall and other minimalist bathrooms use darker color to give variation.

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