Tips To Plan The Best Design Of Pop Ceiling

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Pop ceiling presence can complete room beauty. We have to also give attention to ceiling. Nowadays, ceiling can be decorated in many ways and styles. It has many designs options. We can decide what purpose that we will achieve. Some people prioritize on style, while other people on functionality. No matter whether we will prioritize on style or functionality, to get the best design of pop ceiling, we have to consider room dimension, ceiling geometry that we will plan and how many budget that we will spend to do it.

Best Design Of Pop Ceiling

First important step to create the best design of pop ceiling is making good planning. What room style we will create. If we want something more formal like on office, simple molding is good to make decorative ceiling. For formal situation, paint ceiling with plain color. While if we want to use ceiling to help making bigger impression for room, paint It with lighter than wall. To make something more stylish, create mural, ceiling accent and choose interesting ceiling shapes.

Modern Pop Ceiling Design

Second step to get the best design of pop ceiling is choosing ceiling style. For modern style ceiling, we can put LED lamp on hidden place. When this lamp is turned on, it seems there is light line around ceiling. If we want to get rustic style, add wood rood to decorate ceiling. White ceiling and glossy brown wood are combination between contemporary and rustic style. Also think about this fact, ceiling can change overall room look. So, prepare first good planning before starting.

Pop Ceiling Design Photos

Third step is selecting the right ceiling geometry for room. Few good ceiling geometry ideas: vaulted shape ceiling cathedral shape ceiling, circle and rectangle shape ceiling. Each of these shape options will affect on budget consequence and difficulty level to finish it.

Fourth step is creating accent on ceiling. This concept is similar with wall accent, where there is wall part that is painted with bold color to make it look more focus. Ceiling decoration can be done with similar way. Center part color is darker or lighter than around it if we use the same color. We can also combine two colors, for example, center part is painted with white and around it with yellow. Other idea is painting it in the same color, but we give other color as trim to focus it center part.

Fifth step is calculating budget. Planning several ideas and designs. Evaluate and calculate how many budget will we spend. Which planning that will meet ourĀ  finance.

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