Tips To Plan Ultimate Solid Wood Bedroom Design

Solid Wood Bedroom Dressers

Undoubtedly that we will not imagine modern furniture without wood presence. Wood is presence anywhere. Planning solid wood bedroom design is real example of this wood furniture presence. On this bedroom, wood is striking factor on this bedroom furniture. This presence is shown strikingly. Here, amazing wood furniture have chance to be exposed. To make good solid wood bedroom design, here are few tips to do it.

Solid Wood Bedroom design

First tip is choosing the right wall color for this solid wood bedroom design. Naturally wood come on brown color and its variation. So, it’s good to paint this bedroom with colors that will fit with this wood atmosphere. Light brown, beige, white, grey and light orange are good example colors for this bedroom. These colors will support this bedroom to expose all of wood furniture there. Then this wall is decorated with fit decoration. Installing family photos with wood frame there are good. If this wall is painted with light color, so dark wood frame will be good choice.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Second tip is floor decorating. To create maximum impression for this solid wood bedroom design, wood floor type is good choice. Hardwood floor or floating wood floor can be considered to be chosen. Besides these wood floor types are god for this bedroom, these wood floor presence will bring close to nature atmosphere and bedroom is felt shady. Then this floor can be beautified with rug or carpet.

Solid Wood Bedroom Dressers

Third tip is decorating window. Window is essential element to bring natural light and fresh air. The right curtain for this bedroom is white, beige, light brown and other light color that is fit with this bedroom. Dark color can be accepted as long as it can be harmonized with all of furniture there. Simple ornament is good here. Avoid to install curtain with heavy ornament, because it will create other focal point that will reduce to expose all of wood furniture there.

Fourth tip is only choosing furniture that has similar design style for this bedroom. Putting many furniture with different design style will reduce this solid wood bedroom design beauty. No matter what style will be chosen, all of furniture has to be in the same style.

Fifth tip is creating freshness into this bedroom by adding new element such as fresh green plant. This green plant can be put on pot. It can be put on the bedroom corner. It doesn’t matter to put more than one green plant on several places.

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