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Planting on water garden containers become trend now. People like to plant here, because this container is flexible. This container can use pot, bottle, can, bamboo, bucket or other stuffs as long as it can be entered soil and plant. It’s simple, isn’t it? A lot of beautiful plant can be put here. Then it can decorate our garden, even it’s looked beautiful when we put in front of home or in front of window. Maintain this plant is easy. It doesn’t need complicated ways. There are five factors we should know before starting plant on container. Here they are: drainage, plant removing, fertilizer, place and plant character.

Water Garden Containers

Starting from the first factor. Drainage is critical factor or planting on container. It can cause live or die a plant. Depended on plant type, the existing of hole must be consider. Some plant can live in water, but other can be die. For the first type, a hole maybe is not a must. It must be have hole, at least one hole on bottom side for second type. If this container is big, create several holes here. It’s for making sure there is not excessive water in this containers. Drainage is one of important factor on water garden containers concept. Second factor is plant removing. Sometime people are not direction enter a plant into container. They wait until this plant grow in medium size. Removing a plant from nursery place into container must be careful. It’s better if this plant is on plastic since from seed, so it’s easier to remove it someday. Make sure there are not root break or cut.

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Third factor is fertilizer. If necessary we mixture some fertilizers in soil. It can complete all of nutrition types that is needed by plant. One fertilizer type maybe is not enough. Mixture first this soil and fertilizer on a container, then this plant can be entered here. Fourth factor is place. Where place we will choose to put these water garden containers? Recognize first each of plant character before choice a place for them. Some plants need more sun light, some other must be kept away from wind, and so on.

Water Garden Containers For Sale

Last factor is plant character. As fourth factor, each plants need certain condition to grow well. It’s better if we regularly check its container condition. Enter finger into soil. If this soil is dry, add water. Likewise if too wet,  check hole on bottom, maybe it doesn’t work.

As additionally information, here few plants can be considered to be planted on this container.  There are three categories based on their height. Here they are: Low height plant: water lillie, parrots feather and bluebell compacta. Medium height plant: arrowhead, water iris, blue pickerel, cardinal flower and cattail. Tall height plant: water grasses and zebra rush.

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