Tips To Protect And Clean Hardwood Floor

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Undoubtedly that hardwood floor is beautiful material to beautify floor. Floor will be looked shady and give warmth for room. But this beauty can be damaged by some possibilities. This surface can be scratched by dirt and its color can be faded by sun light directly. We must protect hardwood floors from dirt, furniture pressure, shoes and so on. This flooring tile can be kept its durability and beauty by several treatments. First treatment is cleaning it carefully. To clean it, we can use broom, mop and vacuum cleaner. If use broom, prepare a place to collect dust, dirt, residual food and so on then throw away these dirt.

Protect Hardwood Floors

If use mop and cleaner, we must only use wood cleaner that specially is used for this hardwood floor. Don’t use other cleaner type that is not specially designed for this material. It can reduce durability and destroy its beauty and appearance. To use this cleaner is by spreading it into hardwood floor surface then mop it. It’s done from one side to other side. Don’t pour cleaner into hardwood floor surface. It can make this material expanding. Then to dry it, use cloth or towel. These efforts can protect hardwood floors from damage.

Protect Hardwood Floors From Dogs

If this hardwood floor is installed on high traffic places, such as on living room, family room and kitchen, it’s better if on these rooms are installed rug or carpet. These rug and carpet can catch dust to prevent dust accumulation on these rooms. It’s to make easier to clean this floor. Besides that, accumulation of dust if not quickly to be cleaned will leave former and difficult to be cleaned. Other way to protect hardwood floors is by giving pad on bottom furniture. Heavy furniture can also leave former on hardwood floor surface.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Last treatment is protecting this hardwood floor color. This color can be faded by sun light directly for long times. It’s better to install curtain or valance to reduce light intensity. Specially on hot temperature, close this curtain.

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