Tips To Realize English Country Kitchen

English Country Kitchen Pictures

If we like kitchen with large island on the center area of kitchen, choose English country kitchen style. This kitchen style is unique. This is one of popular kitchen style in the world. If we are curious how to bring English style on a kitchen, here are few tips to do it. These tips are color, wood, fabric, accessories and feature. Starting from color. Undoubtedly, color can be used to identify a certain style, such as on Southwestern style home or in a kitchen like this. Colors on this kitchen reflect English garden color, these are red, blue, yellow, green, gold or white. We can mix these colors. For example, one color as primary color and other colors as complement color.

English Country Kitchen

Second tips is wood. Usually this English country kitchen use pine, oak and walnut wood. It’s for making most kitchen furniture, such as cabinet, cabinetry, table, countertop and so on. Third tip is fabric. Fabric with floral theme can enhance this English style. When choosing color for this fabric, make sure it will be harmonized with this kitchen interior.

English Country Kitchen Cabinets

Fourth tip is accessories. Copper cookware, candle and candle holder can be used to stronger this English country kitchen style impression. If necessary, other stuffs for English garden such as birdhouse and weather vane can be installed here to decorate this room. It will make this kitchen become more unique. Fifth tip is feature. Feature with rustic style such as wicker basket, beam ceiling and cast iron skillet can be installed here.

English Country Kitchen Pictures

Nowadays we can meet English country kitchen in traditional and modern style If we like traditional style, all above tips can be practiced. But if we like modern style, element that reflect old style and rustic style can be removed and changed with modern style. This kitchen style has high aesthetic level. It can be alternative as kitchen decoration option.

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