Tips To Reduce Glass House Cost On Garden

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Do you want to build glass house on garden and want to reduce cost, both material and operating cost? So, you have to know main parts where it will spend more money. These parts material for wall and covering roof, material for frame and material for heating on winter season. These three majority areas should be given attention before building glass house cost. Big parts of glass house cost will be spent here.

Glass House Cost

First thing of glass house cost is on material for wall and for covering roof. Commonly materials for these parts are glass and polycarbonate. Glass is hard, smooth, clear and shiny under sun light. Perfect to showcase the real glass house on garden. But, it’s expensive and can break. While polycarbonate is cheaper than glass. It will be unstable under strong wind situation and algae like to grow on this material. Cleaning polycarbonate is more difficult than glass.

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Second thing of this glass house cost is on material for frame. Common materials for this glass house frame are aluminum and wood. Aluminum is lighter, cheaper, easy installation and flexible. Installing aluminum as frame will make this glass house is looked modern. While wood is looked traditional, difficult installation and more expensive. To install frame from wood need help from professional.

Garden Greenhouse

Third thing is on heating. Heating is important factor on glass house on garden, specially on cold or winter season. Without heating, plants there can be die. So, this heating factor has to be planned since at first time. There are several ways to heat this glass house. It can use electricity, gas, paraffin and bubble wrap insulating. Heating with electricity is most popular heating type. Heating with electricity is efficient. It can reach high temperature easily. But heating with electricity is costly. Besides that, to install it need professional help.

Heating with gas is easy installation and can reach high temperature like electricity, but it’s also costly. Paraffin is easy installation, but need regularly maintenance. It can reach high temperature, but it will be costly. While heating with bubble wrap insulating is difficult installation and cheap, but difficult to reach high temperature.

From above explanation, we can take conclusion. To get cost efficiency, best configuration is wall and roof cover use polycarbonate, frame use aluminum and heating use electricity or gas.

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