Tips To Select The Right Floor Plans For Small House

House Plans Small House

Small house needs different ceramic arrangement with big house. On big house, medium and big size ceramic can be choose, while on small house, small and medium size ceramic is fit choice. Installing big size ceramic on small house will not be good. It will not balance with its room dimension. Floor plans for small house needs the right size ceramic choosing. There are several tips to select, install and decorate small house. First tip is choosing soft light or neutral color for this ceramic. Avoid dark color ceramic. It will make this small house will looked smaller than actual size and stuffy.

Floor Plans For Small House

Second tips to create the right floor plans for small house is by installing ceramic on diagonal arrangement. Maybe it’s sound make no sense, but fact shows that by installing ceramic on diagonal arrangement will make this small room become more spacious then installing on normal arrangement. On this ceramic installing, we can combine diagonal and normal arrangement all at one to get better appearance. Diagonal arrangement on center area and residual space is installed with normal arrangement. It’s good idea.

Small Home Building Plan

Third tip is making combination between soft light color ceramic with ornament ceramic to avoid it from monotonous impression. Ornament ceramic is installed on edge part around floor or on the wall around room. Other idea is installing ornament ceramic on center floor and soft light ceramic around this ornament ceramic. These ways will create beautiful floor plans for small house.

House Plans Small House

Other floor tile material that we can use is linoleum. This ceramic can be replaced with linoleum. There are many design and color of this linoleum tile, so we will not meet difficulty to decorate this floor. Linoleum is flexible material. It’s easy to be installed and replaced. By linoleum, we can follow design trend easily. Whenever we are bored with its appearance, we can then change its appearance with new design linoleum.

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