Tips To Understand How Do Colors Affect Moods

How Do Colors Affect People

Undoubtedly anymore that color play important role in human living. Color can be found everywhere, from white until black and thousands color variations and combinations between them. The right color choosing can beautify a home, car, food and so on. Even it’s important on somebody performance. The right color shirt and pant can make people are looked good, but it’s also influence other people mood. If we work on a job and his job must us to make relationship with a lot of people, so understanding principle of how do colors affect moods are important. The right color can create positive influence, even we are more confident with it. To create good color combination for interior and exterior home, we also need well color understanding.

How Do Colors Affect Moods

There are nine basic color characters we should know if we want to influence other people. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white and black. Theory of how do colors affect moods can be proven with these color concept. Starting from red. If we want to get to get other people attention, try to wear red shirt, pants and shoes. It can stimulate passion. It’s also related with romance. But, be careful, red also stimulate our appetite.

How Do Colors Affect Human Behavior

Orange is similar with red character, but it’s less smooth. It has positive effect. It can make us more energetic. If we want to attract other people attention but in less intention, orange is the answer. Yellow will change our mood. If we get bad mood, try to wear yellow shirt. It’s related with happiness, inspiration and intelligence. If we want to feel relax, calm and less stress, green is the right color. This color is related with nature. It will make us close to nature. Living in healthy environment. These colors can prove theory of how do colors affect moods.

How Do Colors Affect People

Next color is blue. Blue is related with calm, relax, creativity and peace. Purple can improve energy level. This color is also looked luxurious. Purple is related with creativity, intuition and spirituality. Pink is the most favorite color for girls. It’s related with calming, happiness and romance. White reflects sunny day, clean, simplicity, bright and peace. It can be foundation color. Last color is black. It reflects power, authority, seriousness, formality and responsibility. All those above theories can applied when we are decorating home.

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