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A standard house has to be build on land and it spends budget more than $100,000. This assumption then is broken by Jay Shafer. His house, it’s called tiny house was born with new concept. Tiny house can save money and it’s more eco friendly than standard house. Portable house doesn’t need permanent house. It can be placed anywhere. Good solution for people that want to own cheap house, but they don’t have money to buy land. If we want to know more about it, we can read tiny house book that personally written by Jay Shafer. He write all of their experience how to live in tiny house. Besides that, there are many tiny house designs here as reference.

Tiny House Book

At least there are six advantages of tiny house that we can learn from this tiny house book. These advantages are saving energy, less maintain, more intimate, low budget, less stress and unique. Tiny house has very small room size. So, it needs less energy for heating and cooling. Besides it needs less energy, it also needs less maintain. Maintaining very small room is easier and less time than big room. Because there are not much stuffs here, so cleaning it is easy.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Other important advantage that we can learn from this tiny house book is because every room is designed small, so we can make sure that we can increase intimate by living here. It’s good for young couple or for a father when they ask his kid for going trip and bring portable house.

Small House Books

For people with limited budget, buying or building this tiny house is good solution. On the past, if people have not had enough money to buy or building a house, they had to rent a house first. But now, people are not necessary to rent a house. They can buy tiny house with affordable price or build it if they would.

Living here is also reduce stress, because living here is simpler. And simpler means reduce mind load. Here, people are not necessary to think politic, economy condition and so on. Here, people tend to live close to nature. And uniqueness is other character of this tiny house. For example, bedroom is placed on loft under roof in triangle shape. While sleep on the bed, our hand can reach its roof.

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