Tips To Use Hockey Puck Lights

Led Hockey Puck Lights

Hockey puck lights are inspired from hockey sport. Lamp with circle shape is widely used as lamp decoration at home, garden, office and store. If we are interested to install this beautiful lamp, we can installed in as cabinet lighting, closet lighting and focal point lighting. Many various styles and colors from this lamp can be found on the store. Starting from cabinet lighting. This is commonly using of this lamp. It can be installed under kitchen cabinet. It’s  good to make kitchen brighter with this special lamp. It can also show beauty of kitchen countertop and backsplash. Countertop from granite and marble or backsplash from glass or stone will be looked beautiful if it’s lighted with this lamp.

Hockey Puck Lights

Second hockey puck lights function is for closet lighting. For example, it’s good to be installed on walk in closet organizer. It will have two functions here. First is to light dark area, second is to make warm this closet to avoid from mildew and humidity. Besides that, this small lamp will beautify this closet. This lamp can be installed on bottom or top side.

Under Cabinet Puck Lighting

Third hockey puck lights function is for focal point lighting. For this purpose, it can be installed anywhere. For example, if we have amazing painting picture and we want to make it as focal point on living room or family room, this hockey puck lamp can be installed under or above this painting. When night come, this panting will be looked great. Other example, if we have ornamental crystal. This crystal can be placed on bookshelves then above it can be installed hockey puck lamp. This crystal will be looked good. It will be brighter and reflect light from this lamp.

Led Hockey Puck Lights

Other type hockey puck lamp is installed on and garden. It can be placed along footpath or in ornamental stone. Along footpath to help people walk along this footpath when night come. Some garden have ornamental stone with place name writing on it. Hockey puck light make this writing is looked on night.

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