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A special room that’s the function is more serious than the other rooms is living room. Do you know what the reason is? Because of there is no room that’s used to welcome our guests except living room. Yes, beside the exterior of our house, living room is the first room that will influence our guests’ estimation about our family and our life style. I want to impress my guests by decorating my living room. Do you agree with me? If you are looking for some traditional living room decorating ideas, I have some here.Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas

First of traditional living room decorating ideas that you have to know is choose the traditional colors. What are the traditional colors? Tan color, cream color, white color, gray color, and brown coal color are some traditional colors that you can apply to create a traditional living room in your home. Choose one or two colors and apply them in your living room’s walls, furniture, and decorations. Don’t pick too many colors or more than three colors because it will make your living room look weird.Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas Picture

Next, we need to place some furniture in living room likes table, seats, and the others. The second of traditional living room decorating ideas is about the materials of furniture. The best material of furniture that is identical with traditional impression is wood. So you can place a wooden table, sofas with wooden frame, wooden window frame, and the other wooden furniture inside your living room. But make sure that not all of the furniture is made of wood because it will be boring.Lookbook Traditional Living Room

Make your traditional themed living room looks fresh and hilarious by placing curtain, carpet, decoration, and accessories with natural colors like blue and green and with natural patterns like animal, plants, or flowers. I’m sure you will get the most traditional themed living room ever but still looks cozy.

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